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GRAUPNER MZ-12 Radio System



GRAUPNER MZ-12 Radio System

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  • HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) bi-directional 2.4GHz technology uses up to 75 frequency hopping channels for extreme operating reliability
  • Integrated telemetry display with 128 x 64 LCD
  • Smart voice announcement of specific telemetry values that reach or exceed definable limits
  • Support for 11 different multirotor configurations
  • Support for ACRO 3D mode for reversible ESC rotation for high performance 3D
  • Optional telemetry monitoring of battery capacity, current, speed, RPM, altitude, position, distance and much more with optional sensors
  • Convenient wireless setup of all flight controller and telemetry settings without the need for computers, programming boxes or cables
  • Advanced HoTT wired/wireless trainer system
  • HotSync for secure and exclusive communication
  • High-precision quad ball bearing gimbals for smooth and precise stick control
  • Upgradeable firmware for future software expansion


  • 20 Model memories
  • Ready to go models programmed for Graupner copters and Flite Test Versacopter
  • Wireless trainer and wired trainer mode
  • Configurable fail safe settings
  • DSC port connection for flight simulators
  • Switchable dual rate and expo
  • Two (flight phase) functions
  • Optional Bluetooth connection for tablets and Smartphones.
  • Full range GR-18 receiver


  • 11 different multirotor configurations Tri L, Tri R, Quad X, Quad +, Hexa V, Hexa I, Hexa Y, Hexa Y, Octo I, Octo V, Octo X
  • 2 (flight phases)
  • ACRO 3D mode supporting reversible motor setups
  • In-flight switchable flight modes for beginners (attitude) and advanced (rate) pilots
  • Wireless and in-flight setup of PID and flight performance setting
  • Supports ONESHOT ESC's
  • Auto-Flip Function


  • mz-12 transmitter
  • S1019 GR-18 receiver and flight controller
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Battery holder
  • Manual & Tutorial
  • Neckstrap


The 6 channel mz-12 RTF Multirotor HoTT is a 2.4GHz voice telemetry radio designed to work with almost any type of multirotor setup. The integrated GR-18 receiver and flight controller eliminates the complexity of setting up your multirotor - just install the GR-18, select your multirotor configuration, attach and calibrate your ESC's and go fly!


Out-of-the-box the mz-12 and GR-18 flight controller is programmed to work with any type of 250-300 size race copter. In case you need to make setting changes no computer or programming boxes are needed. The mz-12 radio provides convenient wireless access to many advanced settings available on the GR-18 flight controller to you with optimizing your setup in a minimal amount of time.  Changes can be made anytime at the field or even during flight!


The Graupner hopping telemetry protocol (HoTT) provides continuous bi-directional communication between the mz-12 radio and GR-18 sending real-time information of telemetry and system health status for a safe operation of your multirotor. Thanks to an optimized frequency hopping algorithm across 75 frequency channels, operating your multirotor is reliable due to immunity of external interference.


Real-time telemetry is king with any Graupner HoTT radio. The mz-12 radio and GR-18 flight controller are constantly communicating with another exchanging critical flight information such as receiver voltage, signal strength and temperatures. To increase flight safety and situational awareness, the built-in voice processor will notify you about specific programmable telemetry events. Graupner provides a wide selection of telemetry ESCs, modules and sensors that can immediately connect directly to your HoTT receivers without the need for external hub boxes or complex wiring. Our third-party partners provide additional telemetry products that work seamlessly with your mz-12 radio.


It is important to all of us at Graupner that you make good use of your investment in our products.  All of our HoTT products (receivers, flight stabilization systems, ESCs, multirotor flight controllers, flybarless controllers, etc.) are designed to be compatible with one another regardless of the transmitter being used. This unified technology standard will ensure the same operation and user experience across all devices, making our products future-proof for new developments.

Our Wireless Trainer Link allows the mz-12 radio to be used with any other Graupner HoTT radio in Student/Teacher Mode, allowing everyone to learn or teach about the exciting experiences this hobby has to offer.


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GRAUPNER MZ-12 Radio System

GRAUPNER MZ-12 Radio System

GRAUPNER MZ-12 Radio System

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